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Kimdo BBQ

Category : Food & Beverages
Sub-Category : Snacks, Drinks & Desserts
Level : 3
Lot : J3-19B

Dine at Kimdo BBQ, which offers affordable barbequed delights that succeed in tantalizing your tastebuds. Feast on their signature morsels such as the yummy hot BBQ chicken wings (unique because of their single-bone structure and slathered generously with homemade chilli) as well as their delicious ‘lau shu fen’ noodles. They also offer grilled Hokkaido scallops (in assorted flavours), Korean dried fish and Chessie Hotdogs. Proceed then to wash all this down with refreshing beverages such as the barlonglong juice, lime plum juice and homemade grass jelly.

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